One Sport

Our offer is addressed to sports clubs, associations and organizations, governments and also organizers of events and all other subjects which are connected with sport – including also sportsmen.

We offer:

  • preparing and realization of PR and marketing strategy
  • preparing of communication plan, media plans, starting of cooperation with media patrons
  • management of press office
  • creating of sponsoring offers
  • preparing of graphic identification, website, mobile applications, using social media
  • creating of promotional films, management of the internet television of a club and live transmissions from sports events and press conferences in the internet
  • merchandising together with logistics sales
  • preparing and realization of long – term development strategies of sportsmen’s image
  • sports management
  • advice and legal services
  • project and production of advertising materials
  • building of relations with fans, management of permanent communication with fans
We invite You to get known with our offer. Our proposed activities will be individually suited to each customer needs.